This product is characterized as a visualization point of all the transactions made by the users on subscription products

, based on the MT/MO transactions on Shortcode SMS/MMS products.
The main usage of this software is on final user answering points, provided by the operators or content providers to help them have a product, service and transactions made history easily. One of the main characteristics of this software is the possibility of each product access, shortcode or msisdn, be blocked or authorized through a Blacklist/Allowlist, in a way that can be managed on front-office usage control.
It is possible to realize msisdn oriented small searches, shortcode or temporal break, using more defined criteria on the management of the transaction history. It is still capable of send pre-defined subscription controlling SMS, directly from the app, with the aim to inform how to proceed to “unsubscribe” or validate their actual point down to the product.