Smarttank is an Information Technology (IT) company, created in 2015, based in Aveiro and was created to fill the need to be close to an important tech cluster in Portugal.

The company is part of TIMWE Mobile Ventures, entity owned by the TIMWE Group, a global mobile solutions provider with more than 10 years of international experience that works on the 5 continents, in about 80 countries through 30 local offices.
Currently, the TIMWE Group is represented through three brands, at a global level: DIGIWE – Mobile Digital Solutions, TECHWE – Technological Solutions and GOVWE – Solutions for Governments.

Smarttank is a company dedicated to mobile solutions M2M and technology services with the main focus on the telecommunications sector. The company is dedicated to investigation, design, development and supply of technological platforms based on end-to-end mobile technology that unit and connects with smart devices with multiple partners and individual users.

Also, the company dedicates to supply technology services that help the telecommunications companies and other potential partners on the identification of opportunities to reduce the costs and to focus on the core business.

The target customer are the mobile operators and the government entities on smart cities context.

The strategy of our company is to acquire scientific and cutting-edge technology knowledge that allows to put the solutions on the world by them or by the strategic partners means.

The company actuation around a technology area constantly growing and changing, makes necessary the bet on R&D medium/long term solutions that allow the company to gain importance on the market in which the partnerships are crucial on the way that makes possible the company to be competitive and, at the same time, make derivations from the business areas.

Smarttank is constituted by engineers with multidisciplinary functions on the software development for the telecommunications sector. The team is focused on the identification and development of modern technologies and products that help clients of the main company (TIMWE Group) to improve the performance of daily operations.